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Testimonial From Full Circle Enterprises

Full Circle Enterprises, LLC, the Global Master Distributor based in the United States:

We have received favorable test results from California cannabis growers’ evaluations. In every case, these growers reported that using Aloe420 ………………… produced larger, healthier crops with up to 40% more yield!


  • Significantly increases crop yield thus giving the grower a better financial return;
  • Produces a larger, greener, healthier product for the buyer;
  • Enhances the plant’s immune system so that the plant itself can better fight diseases and pest without the use of pesticides, which allows the grower to apply for organic certification.”

I took over an outdoor 400-plant grow that was in total stress ............. and if not for applying Aloe420 I would have lost the grow. Some plants were split in half and after 5 weeks of Aloe420 treatment had grown back together!
Aloe420 saved us, and we will use it in our protocol from seed to pre-flower in all future grows. Thank you, Aloe420, amazing product!

Dear Marc Rubenstein and the Aloe420 Team:

Very simply put, myself, and my team feel Aloe420 just short of a miracle product not only providing a safe shield for our grow but helping restore plants that we would have thrown out in grows past. Plus, I have attached my recent testing results that met all State of California standards! We will now use Aloe420 as our savior band-aide for our major issues ................, but we will now have Aloe420 in our protocol from seed to bloom. Proof is in using and we are true believers through results and are happy to finally have a product we can feel confident it works!

Lincoln BarnettKatmandu Advisory Group/Green Dragon Farms

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